Skin Care Product Line in Palmdale and Encino

Dr. Motlagh provides a full range of skin care products, including Biologique Recherche, Amalian, and Latisse. These rejuvenating skin care products can help you achieve

long-lasting, radiant skin. If you’d like to book a consultation, fill out the form on this page. Read more about our skin care line below.

Biologique Recherche Skin Care

Dr. Motlagh is proud to launch the Biologique Recherche skin care product line in Palmdale, California. This skin care line has been developing the highest quality of skin care products for over 30 years. We use this powerful and effective line of biological products to help our patients achieve their healthiest, most radiant-looking skin. Dr. Motlagh remains the only location in Antelope Valley to sell these products.

Latisse and Amalian for Eyelash Growth

Latisse and Amalian are FDA-approved eyelash enhancers that Dr. Motlagh recommends for patients unable to grow adequate length or number of eyelashes. Latisse and Amalian stimulates new hair growth in your eyelash area, giving you a natural, fuller look without the use of fake eyelashes or glue.

Where can I find a skin care expert in California?

Dr. Motlagh is proud to work alongside Mahtab Moaven, our clinic’s onsite skin specialist. Mahtab has been with Biologique Recherche for over 20 years now, training and consulting with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and spas globally. You can expect nothing less than the highest quality skin care from our experienced team.

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