Weight Management and Mindful Eating During the Holidays

Healthy eatingIt’s hard enough to manage your weight throughout the year, but during the holidays the temptations seem to multiply. From candy and cookies to gravies and irresistible carbs, the holidays make it difficult for all of us to avoid gaining a few pounds. Here are some tips to help you survive the holiday season.

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is powerful. If you make every food choice by thinking about how it will nourish your body, what it would take to burn the calories you are consuming, or how hard it will be to stop eating once you’ve opened the doors to indulgence, you can change your mindset and your relationship with food. You can also train your mind to help you slow down and savor everything you do choose to eat; not only will you eat less but you’ll appreciate what you consume more.

Don’t Deny Yourself Every Indulgence

One way to help yourself survive the holidays is to give yourself permission to enjoy an indulgence or two. No, you can’t have the buttery biscuits smothered in gravy and the pecan pie and the late-night turkey sandwich with heavy mayo, but you can choose one special holiday meal treat that makes you feel like you’ve been treated.

Brush Your Teeth

When you feel like you can’t control the urge to indulge, go brush your teeth or chew a piece of minty gum. Most people can’t tolerate eating right after brushing their teeth, and it changes the flavor of the food enough when you do, that it makes it easier to overcome the urge.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

It’s the holiday season. You’re celebrating, spending time with friends and family, and sharing joy. It’s ok to live in the moment now and then.

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