Get Ready for the New Year Now with LaserLipo

Laser Lipo Palmdale & Encino, CAIt’s a busy time of year, especially with holiday party planning and prep in full swing. Along with shopping for your party dress and entertaining guests, now is a great time to schedule a series of laser lipo sessions. This time of year, stress and holiday parties can keep you from exercising as much as you want while also wrecking your diet with sweet temptations, but it’s the perfect time of year to care for yourself and get ready to ring in a happy New Year.

Is Laser Lipo Safe?

Laser lipo, also known as the strawberry laser, is a non-invasive procedure that only takes about 10 minutes per session. It can take 6-10 sessions for the best results, but that’s only an investment of an hour or two – less than the time it takes to watch a movie – to take care of stubborn fat. Laser lipo is an FDA-approved procedure designed to target and shrink fat cells without surgery. It is most effective on people who are already exercising but stubborn fat pockets on the belly, arms, legs, or buttocks that need extra help.

How Quickly Will I See Results from Laser Lipo?

While you will begin to see results in just a couple of weeks, you will see continued measurable improvement throughout your sessions. The procedure is painless and can be done on your lunch break. While laser lipo is not intended to replace your exercise and healthy eating, and it’s not a miracle cure for weight loss, it can help sculpt your body to remove stubborn belly fat and help motivate you to keep working for the body you’re striving for.

If a new you is on your goal list for the new year, and you are interested in learning more about non-invasive laser lipo (strawberry laser) with Dr. Katayoun Motlagh, or to find out if you are a candidate for this non-surgical lipo treatment, please contact our office today or schedule an appointment by filling out the appointment request form right on this page.

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