How Can I Get Rid of Stubborn Fat?

truSculpt® iD

Diet and exercise can help tone your body, but for many people, stubborn fatty areas can remain no matter how hard you work them off. Especially in areas such as your abdomen and thighs (“love handles”), your body may not look like you want it to, even if you’re at or close to your ideal weight.

What is truSculpt® iD?

truSculpt® iD is a non-invasive body sculpting technology that uses radio-frequency energy to reduce fat and improve the appearance of your body. It can be used on different parts of your body, including your abdomen and thighs. truSculpt® iD utilizes a device, which sends radio-frequency energy deep beneath your skin to target and heat fat cells, which causes them to die.

What happens during the procedure?

Your treatment provider will use a hand-free or handheld device that glides across your skin’s surface. The radio-frequency energy puts heat into the tissue below your skin as the surface of your skin feels warm, but not painful.

A truSculpt® iD treatment lasts about 15  minutes. You may notice a little redness where it was treated, but this will disappear in a few hours. You can immediately resume your normal activities after your treatment.

You’ll start to see results in 6 weeks, and up to 12 weeks, you’ll achieve the final results. The ideal patient for this type of treatment is one who is close to his or her ideal body weight but has stubborn areas that have proven to be resistant to diet and exercise.

What are the benefits of using truSculpt® iD for fat reduction?

truSculpt® iD offers the following benefits:

  1. Body sculpting, skin tightening, and cellulite treatment
  2. Very effective at targeting and improving problem areas
  3. Safe
  4. Non-invasive
  5. No pain
  6. No side effects other than the possibility of very temporary redness and tenderness
  7. No downtime
  8. No special preparation needed
  9. Generally appropriate for all skin types

Are there any risks involved?

truSculpt® iD is a very safe procedure. The only symptoms are usually redness and mild discomfort in the treated areas, which typically goes away within a few hours.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can benefit from truSculpt® iD treatments, make an appointment today for a consultation with Dr. Motlagh in her Palmdale, CA office. One of her specialties is cosmetic services, and she can recommend and perform the treatment or combination of treatments that best suits your needs and improves your appearance.


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