How Lifestyle Impacts Your Weight Loss

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One of the most frustrating aspects of everyday health is your weight. Even some of the healthiest people have to deal with the balancing act of fat and muscle. Over the years, complicated systems for losing weight have emerged as people try to find a solution. However, there are just a few simple lifestyle efforts that have the most effect on your weight loss goals.

Get Your Sleep

Weight gain can be a direct result of sleep deprivation. You lose self-control when you don't get enough sleep, and your levels of ghrelin and leptin (a.k.a. the hunger hormones) become unbalanced. Leptin levels decrease, which make you feel less satisfied with what you've already eaten; and ghrelin levels increase, which makes you want to eat more.

In order to achieve better sleep, ensure your sleep environment is comfortable. If your bed partner is restless and keeps waking you up by moving around, you may need to get separate beds. Try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and get a new mattress if your current one is old.

You may suffer from sleep apnea or other health conditions that prevent you from sleeping well. If you still experience trouble sleeping despite your best efforts, talk to your doctor.

Drink Water           

Staying hydrated affects your weight in three different ways. One, when you're dehydrated, your body doesn't function as well and burns calories less efficiently. Second, your body starts to retain what little water it has; which leads to swelling (edema) and bloating. Third, sometimes your body misinterprets thirst as hunger, which makes you eat more instead of grabbing a bottle of water.

Get hydrated; drink water and other no-calorie drinks. It also helps to eat water-filled foods. If you ever feel hungry, but your stomach isn't grumbling, try drinking water.

Ensure You Eat Enough – That’s Right

Your body needs to hold onto what calories it gets; if you restrict your food intake too much, your body will decrease its metabolic rate so you’re actually not burning enough calories. It’s going to be more difficult to lose weight because your body is storing. Start experimenting with different calorie levels if you've been eating super-low amounts. Eventually, you'll find the right level for you.

See a doctor who specializes in weight loss if you still have trouble or if you'd simply like more guidance as you lose weight. You deserve to have a healthy and happy life, finding the right balance of these factors can help reach your goals. Fill out the form on this page to request an appointment or call  to learn more.

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